26 Station Road,

Door No. 4,


Essex RM14 2UB

There is no shop front. I'm behind Caffe Nero which is also at No. 26 but you need to go through the  iron gate next door and you'll find me at the end of the long pathway at No. 4.  The front door will be open so take a seat in the hall.



There's lots of parking but the nearest is the car park in the ALDI supermarket or on the meters where you can park for 30 mins for free.  Please arrive early so that you have time to park as the traffic in Upminster can be a nightmare.



The best way to book your waxing appointment is by text, 07739 832 328.   Please always leave your name and a mobile number so I can call you back. Give me some idea of what dates and times you'd prefer and what you would like waxed, as I need to know how much tIme to book out for you.



There are no card facilities to pay but there are plenty of cash machines outside to use before your appointment.



I'm sorry to spoil your fun, but you can't bring any other adults or children into the room to watch you get waxed.  It's all do with boring stuff like insurance and besides, I find it a bit freaky.  Don't worry though as you're safe alone with me. 



Of course things happen in life........pipes burst, kids get ill; I totally get that.  If you've been 'ill all night' then I'd rather you text me during the night so that I know first thing that you're not coming and then I can offer your appointment to someone else.



Unlike a lot of other salons, I don't charge for missed appointments.  However, if you cancel within 48 hours on more than one occasion I will suggest that you wait until the day that you'd like an appointment to book and take your chances whether I have anything available.



If you simply don't show for your appointment and your phone is turned off when I call to see if you're on your way, I won't re-book you again and you can walk around with hair growing out the bottom of your trousers for all I care.  


I never let my clients down and I've stood waxing when I felt like dying and when I really needed to be elsewhere, so please be nice and show me the same respect by calling or texting with plenty of notice if you need to cancel.


Thanks for understanding. x  

"I'm usually up to my elbows in wax and body parts, so just send a text and I'll get back to you as soon as possible"



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Waxing Appointments                           

TEXT ONLY: 07739 832 328



Training Enquiries


Please email rather than call regarding training as we need to send dates and info.



Press/General Enquiries


Call: 07739 832 328



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