Prices from July 2020


Dear Clients


For the first time since 2008...yep, that's 12yrs, I'm increasing my prices.  So, for long term clients, your waxing appointment will increase by just £5.


What you may not know, is that I increased my Brazilian/Hollywood for new clients last year, to £50, (see prices on my website) but kept yours at £40, to show my loyalty to you, as you've shown to me over the years.  

NOTE:  If you're paying me £50 now, there won't be an increase of £5.


Aside from not having earned a penny since March, other salons increase their prices every year, so I hope that you agree that after 12yrs, it's only fair.  Also, I've trained thousands of waxers over the years, and many are charging more than I do which isn't right, taking into account my years of experience and expertise.  Also, my outlay has increased dramatically since 12yrs, bills, insurances, products, and now PPE.


In other news!


I'm looking into taking card payments, but the problem has always been bad signal in the salon, but I'm working on options that don't involve installing a land line and WiFi.


Cancellations/No Shows/Long gaps between appointments.

I run an appointment only salon, so,  no shows and cancellations are a pain, because no client, no money and this is how I make my living.


I don't like to charge for cancellations...I just want you to turn up.  So, going forward, if you cancel within 48hrs and you don't offer to pay half, then I'm afraid that I won't book you in again.


If you just don't show, then I'll never book you in again.


If you go to a cheaper waxer all year, but come to me 'for a good holiday wax', then you'll be charged the full current price, or I may not book you in as you'll be classed as a new client, and I'm limiting the amount of new clients that I take on as I'm so busy.


You know this already, but for many years, I've specialised in intimate waxing and haven't done legs, etc.   I've changed my website to reflect that I only do male and female intimate waxing, but there are a few add on's available, so check those out on the prices pages.


I've built a wonderful client base over the years, full of people that I really love seeing, so, fingers crossed, you think it's worth the extra fiver.




Kim x