T&C's for Masterclasses

KIM LAWLESS Terms and Conditions


BOOKINGS: A booking is only confirmed once payment is made and we have confirmed your booking by email. We send the payment link, the same day that a place is requested, and we continue to send out payment links for the same date as many people may request the same date.

The reason being, that people sometimes change their mind, or they promise to get back to us once they’ve checked childcare etc, but they rarely do, so we don’t ‘hold’ places anymore as it’s an administrative nightmare. If there is just one place left on a class, the first one to pay will be given the place and the other person will be given a full refund or offered another date.

All classes must be paid for via Worldpay link, or bank transfer if you live abroad. No cash payments.


CLASS FEES: Once a booking has been made, the booker (person that paid) becomes liable for the relevant balance (see cancellation charges below).


DEPOSITS: If we agree to secure your booking with a deposit, the balance will be due no later than six weeks before training. If the balance isn’t paid or you cancel the booking, then the usual cancellation fees apply (see below).

If you need to change the date of the balance due to financial difficulties, no worries, just be honest and we’ll sort it. The balance must be paid before your training, and cancellation fees still apply.


RECEIPTS: When pay, you will receive a receipt from Worldpay. Check your spam folder if you don’t get it. You will receive an email from Kim Lawless Masterclass confirming your booking.


TRANSFER OF ATTENDEE: If the original attendee is unable to attend, we will allow you to send another person in their place at no extra cost, but it must be for the date booked. Please notify us of the new attendee’s name before training.

NO SHOWS: If you simply don’t arrive for your training, and haven’t contacted us to say why, no refund or free transfer will be given.


EMERGENCY CANCELLATIONS BY YOU: If you have a serious emergency near or on the date of your training and have to cancel, please call us to discuss and we will help you all we can. No refund will be given, but a free transfer to another course date may be offered.

Please understand that over the years, Kim has given away countless free transfers and refunds for reasons ranging from ‘My boyfriend has finished with me and I’m too upset’ to serious illness or death in the family.

Kim has a huge heart, but sadly, due to a couple of unscrupulous people, who have lied about why they couldn’t attend, we now ask for proof. We realise that this can be sensitive, and some people get very stroppy about that, but that rings alarm bells for us. If it was a toss up between paying £20 for a doctor’s letter, or losing £250 course fee, it doesn’t take a lot of working out the best decision.

People forget that each of those free transfers that Kim gives away, she would have sold to another student, so she loses £250. However, she doesn’t mind if the reason is genuine.


CANCELLATIONS: All cancellations must be made by email to: [email protected]





£100 is payable

Once you’ve booked and paid either a deposit, or in full, if you cancel with more than 6wks (42 days) before the date of your training, the minimum cancellation fee per course booked is£100.


CANCELLATION WITHIN 6wks (42 days) of your training date

50% of course fee is payable

If you cancel within six weeks (42 days) of your training date, regardless of when you booked:- You will liable for 50% of each course booked.

So for example, if you paid £100 deposit and your course is £250, you will still owe £25.


CANCELLATION WITHIN ONE MONTH 28 days of your training date 100% of course fee is payable.

If you cancel within 28 days of your training date, NO REFUND will be given.

If you had only paid a deposit, you will be liable to pay the remaining balance.



We will refund you in full.

Kim Lawless Training reserves the right to cancel, postpone or otherwise alter the content or date of an event without notice.

In such circumstances, Kim Lawless Training will refund all payments received in full without penalty of cancellation charge.

No compensation will be made for travel, hotel or other expenses incurred.


MODELS: Models are not allowed without prior consent from Kim Lawless Training. Models are only allowed if:-

1. It is stated that you must provide models.

2. You have a contraindication to waxing or a medical condition and you have provide a detailed doctors letter.

3. You’ve had laser hair removal when YOU MUST PROVIDE A MODEL

4. If you have another reason for not wanting to be waxed, please feel free to discuss this with is in confidence

5. We cannot provide the model for you as they can be unreliable, and then it becomes our problem if they don’t show.

NOTE:  I’ve had students offer to pay models between, £50 to £100, but that’s your choice and between you and them.

Most models are happy to model for free, but may I suggest that you show a small gesture of thanks by paying for their parking and buying them a box of chocolates to show your appreciation of them doing you a huge favour.


HAIR GROWTH: All students and models MUST attend training with no less than 4 weeks, (28 days) hair growth. Failure to do so may result in a FAIL and no refund or free transfer will be given.


IMPORTANT: Each student is closely supervised, but please remember that this is training, so you may find the waxing uncomfortable, especially if you are a shaver. Although extremely unlikely, waxing can sometimes bruise, tear or lift the skin, the same as it can with experience waxers.


VENUE: Kim Lawless Training reserves the right to change the training venue. If a venue is changed, we will not be liable for your hotel or travel costs that you incur.


CERTIFICATES: Certificates are only awarded on a PASS and are sent by email in PDF form within 10 days of training.


COPYRIGHT: All contents of Kim Lawless training, correspondence, manuals, website, Facebook and Twitter are protected by legal Copyright and cannot be copied, altered, shared or used without written permission from Kim Lawless.


CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT: By attending Kim Lawless training you are agreeing to a confidentiality agreement and to keep the Kim Lawless technique strictly confidential.

You cannot teach the Kim Lawless technique (for payment or for free).

You cannot adapt the technique in any way to imply that it’s not the Kim Lawless technique or that it’s your own technique.

You cannot show your colleagues the Kim Lawless technique.

If it's brought to our attention that you have done so, legal action may be taken.


TRADEMARK: The terms ‘Kim Lawless’, ‘The Wax Queen’ and ‘Wax Queen’ are protected by Trademark and cannot be used. If it's brought to our attention that you have done so, legal action may be taken.


TUTORS: We do not teach waxing tutors and you will be asked to confirm this at the time of your booking if you are a qualified beauty tutor or intend to become one.


If you intend to teach waxing now or in the future then you will not be allowed to book onto Kim Lawless training.


If you are qualified as a beauty tutor and do not intend to teach waxing then you must notify us at the time of booking and we will make the decision whether you are able to attend Kim Lawless training.


EQUALITY: If you have any special needs please let us know at the time of booking and we will do whatever we can to help you.


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