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Congrautulations!  I'm so happy for you.


Let me put your mind at rest, as I know that getting waxed when you're pregnant can make you quite anxious....but don't you worry about a thing.  You're in safe, and extremely experienced hands with me.


I've waxed thousands of pregnant ladies over the years...

from the day that they knew they were expecting,  right up until the day that the baby arrive.


Waxing during pregnancy is a skill, so it's important to ask how many pregnant ladies they've waxed.  


I know the challenges that you experience, so my aim is to make yor experience as quick and as simple as possible.  I have my own technique, which I don't even teach on my masterclasses, because it really is a skill that needs to be backed up with experience.


Our Waiting-for-Baby wax  leaves you feeling clean and smooth which is not only great for during the birth but for the couple of weeks following.


So even if you have no intention of ever being waxed again, treat yourself and tick one more thing off of your TO DO list before bubba arrives.


Until then take it easy.


Kim x