My Teaching Experience

Although I first started waxing in around 1981, I started teaching waxing in around 2003. I was already known by then for having developed my own unique techniques for male and female intimate waxing.   Word had got out on the beauty forums and there was an influx of people asking me if I’d teach them my method of waxing.

I’ve since trained thousands of people but I started off by teaching just two at a time in a pokey little room, but that quickly progressed to having eight students in a class and having my own training school. The quality of my training was the same wherever I trained from. People travelled from all over the UK and the world to be trained by me...Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, to name but a few.  I’ve even had students come from Brazil to learn my Brazilian waxing technique!

I’ve been on tv and radio and I’ve written countless articles for newspapers and magazines here and abroad. I’ve carried out in-house training for salons, top spas, and beauty houses and I was very proud to be asked to run regular in-house training for London based Josh Wood Salon, voted The Best Salon in the World. All of this was fitted in around running my busy waxing salon.

Most importantly, I know what I’m talking about because I have a wealth of experience. Nobody taught me what I know, I never trained with someone else and stole their ideas.  My techniques are 100% developed by me. I did it all myself and I’m the real deal.

Why Enrol?

Are you stuck in a waxing rut?
Do you have a certificate that says you can wax…but you still can’t wax?
Do you dread waxing?
Days of endlessly leg waxing and not making any money?
Do clients prefer to be waxed by one of your colleagues rather than you?
Are you an absolute beginner looking to change career or start a side hustle?
Do you want to be the ‘Go to’ waxer in your town?

Fret no more my friend because I'm here! I've designed this course to help you overcome your fear of waxing and to give your confidence a boost, with simple waxing videos and guides that are easy to follow. Knowledge is power!

This course includes tutorials, videos, audios, step-by-step guides which all help you to learn the tricks of the trade and up your game.

Think of it as having me in the room with you, sharing chats, secrets and never seen before waxing videos of real time waxing all by me...industry leader, Kim Lawless.

  • Video & Audio Lessons

    Watch and listen to your heart's content

  • PDF Guides

    Jeez, I do go on! PDFs coming out your ears!

  • Work At Your Own Pace

    Chill! You've got a whole year to finish this course and take your exam.

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