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As seen on The Lorraine Kelly Show!

Kim Lawless is one of the most well respected waxing experts in the business.  Globally recognised and called upon by the media for her extensive knowledge, respected skills, legendary Brazilian waxing technique and her results-driven ethos.  Kim delivers the best waxing in the UK. and is a firm favourite amongst those who simply want the best.  


Kim has built a loyal following of clients, by ensuring that the warm and inviting atmosphere that she creates, not to mention her wicked sense of humour, is as important as her waxing.  


Kim was born and raised in the East End of London and although her clients include men and women from every walk of life, she treats everyone that walks through her door with the same love and respect.  Her passion and dedication to her craft have brought loyalty from each of her clients and when you meet her you'll feel like you've known her for years.


Why does she do what she does?  


Masterclasses: She has her own accredited Masterclasses, with students travelling from across the globe to be trained in her method.  She's dedicated to providing the highest standard of waxing and hygiene and is the only waxing trainer who has developed their own unique techniques for both Male and Female Brazilian waxing.  


Wax and Products:  Kim is so obsessed with doing the best job possible, that she and her amazing wax developers, took two years to create the perfect waxes.  Perfect to work with, and perfect to be waxed with.  No after sting!


Never complacent, she lives by her own mantra,  'I'm only as good as my last wax'.

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