About The Exam

Here is an outline of what’s required for the exam. Full details are in the course once you’ve signed up, but there are no shocks in there.

Accreditation Exam 

First off, please don’t stress about this as I’m here to help you.

Once you feel ready to send in your video exam to be assessed for your accreditation, here’s what you need to do. Remember that your exam video needs to be sent in within 365 days of enrolment or sooner if you feel ready.


How to film your video

  • It doesn’t need to look professional, just get close enough so that I can see what you’re doing. 
  • You don’t need any special equipment or tripods, just film it on your phone or get a friend to film it for you. 
  • Record yourself waxing only, don’t include cleansing, trimming or applying after lotions, just waxing.  
  • You’re bound to be slow at first but I’m not judging you on speed.


What to film

I want to see you use HOT wax and STRIP wax.


HOT WAX:  Ideally, I’d like to see you complete one full Intimate Wax (male or female). However, I understand that it’s not easy to find models that are willing to be filmed half naked, so if that’s going to be a problem for you, we’ll discuss other options nearer the time.  


STRIP WAX:  I’d also like to see you applying and removing STRIP wax.   Most importantly, I’ll be looking at the way you remove the wax and support the skin.

NOTE:  If you prefer to use a cartridge strip wax system instead of a spatula, that’s fine.


The sound must be on during filming, and you can either talk me through your waxing or you can remain silent and just concentrate on your waxing.  Whatever you feel most comfortable with is fine by me.


What I’m looking for

I make allowances for nerves so please don’t worry if you drop wax or suddenly get in a muddle. Some of my best students were as nervous as hell, but I see through all of that.  I’m looking for common sense and confidence. When you’re applying and removing the wax, I need to see that you understand the importance of supporting the skin to protect your client from bruising or tearing.  


How to send in your video

We give you full instructions of how to send in your video in the course once you sign up.  It's really easy.


Exam Results

I’ll study your video in detail.  Allow up to 14 days for your results.


If you PASS, you’ll receive your Accreditation Certificate.


If I don’t feel that I can give you a PASS right away, don’t worry because I’ll give you feedback on where you need to improve, and you can submit one more video exam within 3 months free of charge.


Storage of your video

Your video will be deleted by me, and it will never be shared with or seen by anyone other than me.


Good luck!  I have every faith in you.