About The Exam

Exam for Accreditation

Your video exam is to be submitted only once you’ve completed the Kim Lawless Online Masterclass and must be sent in within 365 days of enrolment or sooner if you feel ready. You will still have access to the masterclass for one year from enrolment after you’ve sent in your exam.

What I’m looking for

I make allowances for nerves so please don’t worry if you drop wax or suddenly get in a muddle, I see through all of that. What I’m looking for is common sense and confidence.  When you’re applying and removing the wax, I need to see that you understand the importance of supporting the skin to protect your client from bruising or tearing.  Most importantly, I need to see that you’ve studied my masterclass.

Exam Results

Allow up to 14 days for your results.
I’ll study your video in detail and make notes for feedback.  
If you’ve PASSED, you’ll receive your Certificate and feedback.
If I don’t feel that I can give you a pass right away, I’ll give you feedback on the areas that you need to improve, and you can submit one more video exam within 3mths free of charge

Storage of your video

Your video will be deleted, and it will never be shared with or seen by anyone other than me.