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Masterclass FAQs

Kim Lawless Masterclass is accredited by ABT (Associated Beauty Therapists).

Kim Lawless Ltd is registered in the UK.

For purposes of this course the term ‘LEARNER’ is the person whose name has been entered as the person completing the course and not the person who paid for the course.

Completion certificates belong to the person named as the ‘LEARNER’ and not the person who paid for the course.

You are required to obtain insurance and we do not condone anyone working without insurance. You must follow your insurers guidelines at all times.

It is the sole responsibility of the ‘LEARNER’ to study this course in great detail and to abide by the policies of your local council and your insurers.

Whilst Kim Lawless Ltd is diligent in teaching safe and effective waxing methods, we will not be held liable for any errors or injuries caused by you.

COPYRIGHT Kim Lawless Ltd ©2023

By enrolling onto the Kim Lawless Online Masterclass, you are agreeing to all of the following:-

REFUNDS: Once you LOG IN to the course, you are no longer entitled to a refund, in part or in full.

ACCESS DURATION: You are allowed access to this course for one year (365 days) from enrolment. If you require extra time due to extenuating circumstances, we may consider an extension. The one year duration may be cut short if there’s any misuse, as explained clearly in the following paragraphs.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED: No part of this course may be reproduced, copied, distributed, shared, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, screenshots, images, sharing passwords or other electronic or mechanical methods. Payment of this course allows access to only one person, and that is the ‘LEARNER’ named on enrolment.

WE DO NOT ALLOW BEAUTY EDUCATORS OR TRAINERS TO ENROL: This includes people that run ‘workshops, people that run In-House training, people/colleges that run accredited courses. You are not allowed to use any of the material or methods taught in this course to teach anyone else, or to pass it off as your own technique and modules, even by adapting them slightly. If we’re made aware that you’ve done so, we reserve the right to remove access to the course immediately and no refund will be given.

WHO IS THIS COURSE FOR: This course is for people that want to become a professional waxer. Weather, ‘Absolute Beginners’ or people already qualified in waxing, or people who have already trained with Kim Lawless and want to re-learn.

SHARING LOG INS: You are NOT allowed to share your log in with anyone else. Access to this training is for the benefit of one person only, the named ‘LEARNER’.

NOTE: We use a training platform that tracks and notifies us of any irregular behaviour with regard to log ins and IP addresses. If we’re alerted that this course is being viewed from various IP addresses and we suspect that you’re sharing your log in, we reserve the right to close your account down immediately and no refund will be given.

TRADEMARKS: The following trademarks are registered and owned by Kim Lawless.

Kim Lawless™

The Wax Queen™

Wax Queen™

You are not permitted to use any of the trademarks listed above, nor, are allowed to use any variant of the above trademarks to promote yourself or your business, in any way. You’re not allowed adapt the trademarks slightly.

For example, by calling yourself ‘Queen of Waxing’, ‘The Queen of Wax’, ‘Queenie Waxing’, etc, to promote yourself or your business, even in a casual manner or as strap line or nickname on social media or elsewhere.